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Regional Barley Committees

Barley Australia works closely with the four regional barley advisory committees around Australia. These committees were established to provide a local and regional meeting place for the various stakeholders- breeders, agronomists, seed companies, growers, maltsters, marketers, grain handlers and brewers - at which any issues and concerns can be presented and discussed.


The four committees are


  • Grain Industry of Western Australia (GIWA) - the Western Barley Council - WBC

  • Northern Region Barley Advisory Committee - NRBAC

  • South Eastern Australia Barley Advisory Council - SEABAC

  • South Australian Barley Advisory Committee - SABAC


These Committees meet twice a year in their region to discuss and review the issues around barley for the region and for the industry.


A small annual membership fee applies to support the activities of the Committees.


Attendance at these meeting is encouraged and new members are welcomed.

Regional Barley Committee Chairs:


GIWA- BC (Western Australia): 


Chairman: Lyndon Mickel



SABAC (South Australia):


Chairman: Mark Modra



SEABAC: (Southern NSW/Victoria/Tasmania):


Chairman: Simon Tickner



NRBAC: (Northern NSW/Queensland):


Chairman: Russell Grundy


Please email us for their contact details if needed.