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Pilot Brewing Australia (PBA) is managed by Barley Australia and is an industry co-funded project with support from the GRDC and Barley Australia members, and is the body responsible for the pilot brewing of commercially malted barley lines  submitted for evaluation.


PBA undertakes a small scale batch brew from the commercially malted evaluation trial. Although the evaluation quantity brewed is small, the malt has come from a commercial batch that replicates commercial conditions. The Pilot Brewery plant, located in Melbourne has the ability to mimic many different styles of brewing and hence the plant can replicate brewing conditions for both sugar and starch adjunct brewing, appropriate for many of Australia's target malt and barley markets, both here and overseas.


The results of the brewing trials are returned to the MBIBTC for the committee's review, and a recommendation is made to Barley Australia to either progress to Stage 2, (if the review involves a Stage 1 assessment), or for malting accreditation.


This evaluation process enables new barley varieties to arrive in the commercial marketplace with known performance data behind them, making for an easier transition for brewers variety to variety.

The Chairperson of PBA is Ralph Nischwitz.

Our PBA Brewer:

Mr Drew Parker

Drew Parker graduated from the University of Ballarat (B. App. Sci. – Hons.) and started work in the Brewing industry in 2001. Originally involved in the PBA predecessor program, Drew’s brewing experience includes pilot scale and craft brewing, technical laboratories work and large scale production in Melbourne, Fremantle and Adelaide. Amongst this, Drew has also completed the Diploma in Brewing through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD).