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Accredited Malting Varieties

Last updated March 2019

The varieties listed below have been accredited by Barley Australia as malting barleys following established evaluation and testing procedures in association with the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee (MBIBTC) and Pilot Brewing Australia (PBA).


Australian barley growers are requested to consult the Barley Australia Preferred Varieties List to see varieties that are currently preferred by purchasers of Australian malting barley.  Australian barley growers are also requested to contact their local consultants regarding information on varietal suitability to specific production regions


Varieties marked  in the notes column as outclassed are done so as other alternative varieties have taken their place in the market by varieties with superior agronomics and/or malting characteristics. Whilst outclassed varieties remain as Accredited Malting Barleys, there is considered to be little demand nor segregations available of these for harvest receivals.  It is the opinion of Barley Australia that these varieties are no longer marketable and GTA and GIWA are encouraged to send the market message out by removing these varieties from Malting Barley Standards and appropriate Bulk Handling Standards Charts.

*Outclassed means this variety has mostly been replaced by other varieties with superior agronomic or malt characteristics. Bulk handler segregations are unlikely to be available for those that are outclassed.

Accredited Food Barley Variety:

Hindmarsh       (2019 market demand is low)