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Mission Statement

Barley Australia is an independent, non-profit industry organisation established to enhance communication and co-ordination between the barley industry and its customers, and promote the competitive appeal of Australian barley through a national accreditation scheme and quality assurance.

About Us

Barley Australia Ltd seeks to provide

  • accreditation of malting barley varieties grown in Australia
  • leadership in the barley industry
  • market focus in barley breeding for future varieties
  • management of end use market R&D projects - currently through Pilot Brewing Australia and supporting Pilot Malting Australia
  • increased recognition and international competitiveness of quality Australian barley through the introduction of trademarking and an assured quality supply chain.

Barley Australia is the peak industry body for barley.  It was established in early 2005 by Barrett Burston Malting Co, Joe White Maltings Ltd, GrainCorp Ltd, Kirin Australia, ABB Grain, and GrainPool Pty Ltd. Barley Australia is now supported and is wholly funded by the following companies:




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